Holiday Décor

2023 Holiday Décor & Lighting Installations:

  • 12 ft. Snowflake (Fourth Street)
  • 12 ft. Nutcrackers and Lighted Archway (200 Block of Main)
  • Heart of Downtown Evansville (200 Block of Main)
  • Santa’s Little Helpers Alley (200 Block of Main)
  • Decorated Fountain ( 300 Block of Main)
  • Tunnel of Light (400 Block of Main)
  • 10 ft. Christmas Tree (500 Block of Main)
  • Holiday Banners (Displayed along Main Street, Fourth Street, and Sixth Street)

    Holiday décor is funded by Downtown property owners through the Downtown Evansville Economic Improvement District.

Why décor?

Holiday décor serves a few purposes:

First, it enhances the consumer experience when shopping or dining Downtown. Also, increased lighting and pedestrian activity make the area feel vibrant and alive, enhancing feelings of safety and creating a sense for the consumer that they are in “the place to be."

But more, a festive Downtown creates a strong connection of our residents to their community by tapping into strongly-held holiday memories. The thousands of pictures taken in front of our décor will be enclosed in cards, inserted in frames, and put on refrigerators; social media will remind people next December and during Decembers after that of fond memories of Downtown Evansville with family, loved ones, and friends. Hopefully these warm feelings will lead to more Downtown visits throughout the year, or maybe change attitudes about Evansville in general.