Curbside Service Program being tested in Downtown Evansville

Wednesday, July 22, 2020: The Downtown Evansville Economic Improvement District (EID) and the City of Evansville announced today the beginning of a test curbside service program in the 200 block of Main Street in Downtown Evansville. The test is scheduled to run through September, 2020.

“We’ve worked with numerous City Departments, the Police Safety Board, and the merchants in the 200 Block of Main Street on the program,” said Josh Armstrong, EID President. “Consumers are looking for convenience and safety, and businesses are looking for ways to meet their customers’ expectations; we are pleased to be testing this program that works toward meeting these needs.”

One parking spaces at each end of the 200 block of Main Street have been re-signed reading “Drop-off/Curbside,” and a sign is installed at each space with the businesses providing delivery to these spaces. “It will allow us to service customers who want to stay in their vehicles,” said River City Coffee and Goods owner Heather Vaught. “We’ve heard from our customers; they’re looking for safe options like this.” EID President Josh Armstrong added: “Many consumers want to patronize our independent and locally owned businesses without paying a hefty delivery fee, or seeing their favorite businesses charged by a third-party delivery company. We think this program will drive demand and help our businesses protect their sales and margins.”

The businesses participating in the test include Emge’s Deli, Pizza, and Ice Cream; Piece of Cake Bakery; Evansville Eyecare Associates; Comfort by the Cross-Eyed Cricket; River City Coffee and Goods; and, River Kitty Cat Café. A decision will be made in September on ending, continuing, or expanding the program throughout Downtown Evansville.