DOWNTOWN EVANSVILLE - Development Corporation

The DOWNTOWN EVANSVILLE - Development Corp. (DEDC) launched in December 2018. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization; with a purpose to build a more active, connected Downtown Evansville by accelerating community-led real estate development.

Where We’ve Been
We work closely with the DOWNTOWN EVANSVILLE – Economic Improvement District (EID) as well as economic development organizations, businesses, and impact investors. Our first year had many highlights:

  • 5th & Main: We were active in every step of getting the former Old National Bank tower into new hands, including developer recruitment and the equity raise for this downtown icon. We serve on the design team as a community voice in its reimagination
  • Connector: Connected four buildings to new owners
  • Market Study: DEDC and EID commissioned a market analysis, available by visiting and clicking “Open a Business”
  • Collaboration: Met, presented, or collaborated with over 500 people including: an Opportunity Zone seminar, a USI class wanting to share their big ideas for downtown, and pitches to a dozen developers promoting Downtown and our region

Where We’re Going
Our community has invested in many plans and stakeholder input; DEDC utilizes those plans as marching orders. We find new uses for neglected or vacant properties, providing new opportunities for people to live, work, play, learn, and visit. Nothing attracts people to a place more than other people, which is exactly what we aim to bring to our downtown and region.

Why Downtown?
Everyone wants to feel connected to people and places we love. A healthy downtown is as critical to a region as a healthy heart is to a body. The mixed income, mixed use nature of downtown creates synergy and community connections. This serves as a boost to community pride and gathering, an economic and population driver, and a talent attractor.


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Candace Chapman
Executive Director
DOWNTOWN EVANSVILLE - Development Corporation
[email protected]
M (704) 941-1072


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