The DOWNTOWN EVANSVILLE - Economic Improvement District (EID) was formed by property owners in the core of Downtown Evansville in late 2017.
Our Mission:
The EID builds a more active and inclusive Downtown Evansville. We enhance resident, consumer, investor, worker and visitor experiences in Downtown Evansville.

Our Vision:
We will be acknowledged as the most vibrant urban district in the region, filled with unparalleled opportunities in which to live, work, learn, dine, invest and play among great public spaces, happy people and thriving businesses. We will be a resilient neighborhood, which cares for its own, as well as one that drives individual, family, organizational, city-wide and regional growth, prosperity and development.

Our Values:
We act honestly and with transparency towards our property-owners, stakeholders and the broader community. We value everyone who is in our neighborhood. We choose quality over quantity; good design matters to us. We respect history and our historic buildings, while looking towards the future. We develop our people to be community leaders.

Our Areas of Focus:
  • Clean, Safe & BeautifyLitter removal, landscaping, contracting private law enforcement patrols, installing and funding holiday decor to create a more festive downtown, placemaking projects like Game Room Alley on the 300 block of Main Street and funding additional operating hours at United Caring Services for our neighbors experiencing homelessness 
  • Events & MarketingHost 20+ signature events annually and market downtown as a destination for shopping, dining and entertainment
  • Business & Developer RecruitmentConnect with potential developers and host seminars on topics such as Opportunity Zones

Board of Directors:

Jeff Justice, Chair
Brad Ellsworth, Vice Chair
Phillip Roberts, Secretary
Stephanie Morris, Treasurer

Scott Anderson
Kelley Coures
Stephanie Engelbrecht
Wayne Kinney
Court Kull
John Lamb
Stacey McNeill
Tresa Miller
Alyssia Oshodi
Johnathan Pope
Stephanie Terry
Kendra Vanzo
Heather Vaught

Learn about us:

EID Areas of Focus

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EID Boundaries

2019 Annual Report

Most recent financial statement:  September October 2020 Financials

Most recent meeting minutes: July 10 Board Minutes